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The VW Beetle

Pros ? A classic. Cute, inexpensive, fun to drive. The most popular single design car ever built.
The VW Beetle is one of the best-loved of all classic cars, with many thousands preserved across the world, many in regular use. Over the years countless changes were introduced, together making a mid sixties Beetle, for instance, very different from one built in the mid-50s, or mid-70s, despite the obvious similarities. With the aid of hundreds of full color photographs this book documents all the Beetles specification changes and model differences during the classic period 1949-67, making it possible to determine the original specification and fittings of any Beetle from this period.
Cons ? Headroom limited, especially in passenger seats.

The VW Beetle is the world?s bestselling single design car, in so much as that it?s original design remains unchanged to this day. It?s also the first car to reach over twenty million sales. Much of the affection for the Beetle is due its distinctive rounded shape which was instrumental in injecting personality into car design in a big way. It is quite possibly the most easily recognised car in the history of car production; rightly regarded as a design classic. Notably, the term Beetle appears nowhere on the vehicle although a Beetle is still instantly recognised as a Beetle everywhere.
Old VW Beetle
The Volkswagen Type 1 or original VW Beetle was an economy vehicle produced by Volkswagen from 1938 to 2003. Although quickly becoming known as the Beetle or Bug car due to its distinctive rounded back Volkswagen only began using the name Beetle officially from 1967. The older cars have a classic status about them and are still affectionately restored. Well maintained older models are highly sought after. Although not known especially for its power, handling or comfort it remained a best seller for more than half a century, one of the most successful cars of all time. The old VW Beetles have a reputation for running indefinitely if occasionally patched up. Old Beetles are rear engine, air-cooled. After a surge of popularity during the post-war period, Beetles enjoyed a revival in the sixties when they were much admired for their individual styling and became associated with flower power. A Beetle notably appears on the cover of The Beatles album Abbey Road and they also appear in numerous swinging sixties films including The Love Bug. If you are seeking a sixties model, The Volkswagen Beetles post 1967 are of interest. The car was significantly upgraded with Hp increased from 50 to 53 hp, and further electrical upgrades from a 6 volt to a 12 volt system. The old Beetle was not only sold almost everywhere, it was also produced in 20 countries, including Germany, Belgium, Singapore, Nigeria and Peru. The New Beetle, in both hatchback and Cabriolet guise, is also selling well for VW.
New VW Beetle
Following positive reaction to the new Beetle concept car at the 1994 North American International Auto Show, Volkswagen moved the New Beetle into production and launched in 1998. Volkswagen designers at the companys California studio preserved the old Beetle look but with an added futuristic twist. The new Beetles are assembled at the VW Puebla factory in Mexico and are similar only in name and appearance to the old one. The New Beetles draw heavily on the design of the original Beetle but are also based technically on the Mark 4 Volkswagen Golf. The main difference between the new and old is that, like most cars, the New Beetle has the engine in the front and storage in the back. There is also a new Beetle convertible or Cabrio which maintains the famous curved roofline. The VW New Beetle is situated in the compact car market and achieves a high 4 stars in the EuroNCAP rating. Beetle insurance groups start at group 5 and rise to group 13.
New VW Beetle Spec
The Volkswagen New Beetle is available as a two-door hatchback or a two-door convertible. The New Beetle has plenty of standard equipment, including air-conditioning, cruise control, heated mirrors. A 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine model offers 150 hp. Traction control, stability control, five-speed manual transmission are standard. A six-speed automatic is optional. The convertible comes with a manual-folding top and a glass rear window as standard. A power top is available as an option. Front seats are roomy but the rear seats are cramped.

The VW Beetle


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