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Later Changchuters band often seen driving a Volkswagen (VW) Combi type in a mobile ad impressions on television. The ad makes prestige VW back up. True, Volkswagen is never timeless.
VW Beetle, as it is always attached to the figure of a Volkswagen Beetle that his birth can not be separated from the idea of Adolf Hitler. At that time, Hitler wanted a car that people reached by the working class in Germany.

Now 70 years after the prototype of the Volkswagen (VW) Beetle was first shown to Hitler in 1938, his popularity really penetrate the border. The uniqueness and distinctive design and the engine struck anyone, not least in Palembang.
VW lovers in the community joined in Palembang Palembang Volkswagen Club. Members of this group are often seen hanging around Jalan POM IX, Saturday night. Location of other get-togethers in the complex PT Pupuk Sriwijaya (Pusri), usually Saturday afternoon.
Like yesterday, there were about nine members of the community gathered. They came alone and some that take their families. Nothing is more exciting than to gather and joking with friends who have the same hobby. The conversation took place in disconnected and friendly atmosphere. Sometimes the jokes a friend of all the laughter.
"Like this. We get-togethers, chat. Liburanlah, tired out of work six days. We also exchange information, usually when there is looking for spare parts (spare parts) directly asked, "Shaiful Ichsan (50), Chairman of Palembang VW Club.
In a meeting yesterday, this community to discuss vacation plans Baturaja. Palembang VW Club members will convoy to Baturaja, March 7 later. Tighten the friendship as well as respond to requests Baturaja VW community last weekend.
Mutual visit between community became a routine agenda. Palembang VW Club is also actively organize social activities, such as orphanages and sympathize blood donor mass. If there are natural disasters, they come to collect funds from members and the community to be distributed.
The relationship between VW community in Palembang with other VW communities in Indonesia it is very ba-ik. The third week in March last, so pour Palembang house VW 2008 National Jamboree held in Taman Nusa Indah court, under the Bridge Ampera. This year, his plan Jamnas held in Sentul, West Java. This activity is held three times a year.
Community Palembang VW Club, founded in 1986. At that time most of the staff members of PT Pusri and PT Pertamina, because VW is operational vehicle's two huge companies. At that time, these organizations have ups and downs as many VW owners brought back to Java, and Medan.
Had vacuum, active again in 2003, but then vacuum again. VW Club Palembang exist back in 2006, and until now the 53 members. According to Djoko, a member of VW Palembang in Palembang, there are about 200 cars VW, but not all become members.
Most of the production of VW in Palembang in 1965 to above, which consists of the VW Beetle, VW Combi, VW Safari, and VW Variant. Several new types of VW output, such as the VW Caravelle and VW New Beetle, even in Palembang.
Spare Parts
Caring for Volkswagen (VW) is an old car is not as difficult as usual. The important thing is not to late engine oil replaced. VW engine to unload any easily. Not as complex as the engine break new cars. That is one advantage of making VW fans love to death.
Simply put the jack, then remove the four bolts that lock the machine in its holder. So even as in obtaining spare parts spare parts alias. Looking for parts VW is not as difficult as people imagine every picture of an old car repair troublesome being fussy.
In Palembang, there is a store that sells VW parts. Stores are located in Jl Jend Sudirman sells various kinds of spare parts for certain although the price more than double the price in Jakarta.
To obtain spare parts expensive or hard to find, Djoko has subscribed parts store in the area of Senen, Jakarta. Djoko live call from Palembang and the goods were sent.
If you VW owners joined in a community of VW owners, get the parts more easily. In addition to barter with each other, where the information obtained would also spare parts more accessible.
"Sometimes we titip with friends who went to Jakarta. Not hard. I am now seeking the original VW steering wheel my luggage, "said Polani (65), owner of 1967 VW Beetle.



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