Thursday, February 14, 2008

Red is Symbol of Love

Now, on this day, people celebrate V-day.. Not all of them, but some especially who are in love & had a feeling to celebrate this moment. So, you can see the decoration inside Mall, Dept. Store and Cafe were full with color of love..
Pink & Red.
Why RED?..
From article I had found in
"As expected from previous work, both sexes rated blues as best. But analysis of all the colour comparisons revealed that the women had a significantly higher preference for blues with "pinkish" undertones – such as lilac – whereas men tend to lean towards purer blues."
The speculation preference for blue that's a good signalled a good weather and good water source.
Then the correlation between red and love is about the effect on our body when we are in love, yups blushing when our face turned a deep crimson red.
But of course the result depend on the ability to see colors to help us spot these emotional cues.
So, do you agree with this state "Red is Symbol of Love"...?

Red is Symbol of Love


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