Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Weekend report:
;) last sat. morning, wake up early in the morning around 5 o'clock. I usually wake up late ~ around 2pm (haaaaaaaaa.....#@??)
then I went to BCity " the coolest city " - Weather, Fashion, People, Art n Food - 'Braunsweig twin sister city plan'
I plan to go by train....but I was late, next schedule was 8.20 so I use my plan B by bus.. @ 7o'clock the bus arrived, unfortunately the highway still closed for maintenance. Around 9.15 I'm arrived. Shopping snack n several gift from food stall near bus station. At 10 o'clock I felt hungry, so I decided to get some food -empek"- @ S'kL0a. The last time I remember it felt delicious but now I felt too sweet n no cucumber slices to reduce the sweet. Hmmmm....I'm thirsty for buying things...
so I went to M"..Boutique buy some shirts n scarf.
@ 1 pm I left the shop n went to my cousin's house
I guess he's mad @ me 'cos I said I'd arrived @11am but in real I just came in @ 1.15pm heheheheee my shopaholic addicted. Hehehheee ;)
Frankly, he wait for me to eat lunch together. so he's been hungry that time. :< ... my fault but i don't feel guilty.... (hmmmm??) Then my aunty wake up, she's so surprised seeing me there... after these 3 years has gone without any news (aha?) she's so hungry like my cousin ( i guess she's waiting 4 me ... hehehe) before eat lunch, we pray Dhuhur first. After several chitchat, we separate n take a rest in our room. I got a room upstair near to my oldie room when I was student in college. @4.50pm i pray Ashar. but before that I took a bath first (it's really cold here at night) i feel tired, so I take a nap until 6.15pm. @6.20 i wake up, my nanny ask me to pray Maghrib downstair with all family member. ....waiting for dinner invitation..... @7.20 my another cousin arrived. She came with her husband and his sister in law and her 2 daughters. What a beautiful family. No long chit chat, then we left the house. Have dinner @ Sierra Cafe in top of DAgo Pakar Hills up from Btown around 9.15 we left cafe ( the prices of cuisine ~ my pocket , good recomendation. Nice views of cityscapes from above). then we went to my sis's house. No change @ all. Just like b4 when I left that house 4years ago. My aunty's house got so much changes in interior and exterior. Now it feels more open wide n shinny not like those several four years ago like haunted house. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........... @10 o'clock we back home to my aunty's house. Then pray Isya' b4 sleeping. After several movie, gossip n soap opera's review -chitchat- I went upstair back to my room @ 11 o'clock. Hmmmmmmmm... the atmosphere's so...cold. I got flu....temperature difference allergy. Next Day....(Day 2 - Sunday) @3.15 my sis JQ at JTown send a message about my other aunty getting in hospital. She asked me to accompany her to take care her mom. Hmmm ... bad communication in a family. I already told her bro n sis about my weekend plan. Then I fell asleep soon. Around 5.30am I wake up. I felt sick. Flu. So I spill "refagan" to reduce the problem. I fell asleep again. Mmmm...I wanna p".... So I'm really wake up @9am. Playing with cat while waiting for empty bathroom. I'll already dress up @10am, having brunch w/ my aunty n sis in law. @11am B-my cousin and his wife went to Karisma - a weekly dialogue about religious issues. Bored with television programs. so I moved to garage, playing games with my 4years old nephew ,Alan, who really hyperactive n funny. He got ashtma, so he shouldn't be so exhausted. He cough after playing football with me then he drink water to make it better. His grandmother comes out n said " Alan, get dress. Mrs. D will arrived soon. Don't be long, we won't waiting for you. " Then he run to his room n shout to his nanny to help him get dress. I start laughing loud for his funny action. 15 minutes later (12.15pm) my sis cames up. So we left the house n start to go to AllAboutStrawberry @C'hJuAn9. Around Dhuhur we take a rest to pray @A'a mosque near to d location. @1pm we had lunch @ A'A'S cafe. Ticket price 5000IDR plus a cup of strawberry juice for free. The food n beverages so ... delicious. Maybe the atmosphere makes me feel so hungry all the time .... The playground had attractive games to play for kids only. Dragon fly - like home alone 3. Rakit, Rumah Pohon - Tree/Wood House. My aunty had vertigo, so we planned to back home @3pm, we miss the strawberry garden trekking. Poops... time goes faster.... goodbye Btown. 6pm precise, I left my aunty's house to back to JTown, by train. ....The train schedule 7.10pm. So I had 30minutes left I run to KS bakery to buy BananaCheese & Chocolate Molen.. a favorite gift from this city. then I bought QED comic. I like the story, romantic comedy thriller detective story. At the train, 5D 3rd cabin. I sat near a guy who busy with his walkman. Man, it's iPod time you're just run out time! So I' m busy reading my comic n send sms with my brother n call my mom to tell the whole story about my weekend. She's so happy to hear me telling her my story. Because I'm not so easy to talk. @10.10pm I'm arrived JTown. The noise of the city never sleep runs through my eyes.......... I miss this city too... even sometimes makes me sick for its traffic jam and flood. My brother pick me up late, he pick the wrong way to get train station so he take a long road to get here. When I arrive home, the house feel empty. My brother with his father's friends from Bgr-TheRainyTown watch Italian League at TV7. I'm hungry, he offered me Fried Kwetiau. He asked me why I spent my weekend @ BTown. I answer it not too seriously. I said I had promised to see my sis after she back home from Mecca. Then I'm sleeping........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......end of story

wEek 2 (18-19Feb.2006)

I'm planning to sleep for about 12hr since Friday night. The environment supports me to fall asleep very soon. I left my office @ 4.45pm by motorcycle with my partner Ann -she's the minority person in office, I don't know the story, but she's so funny n so real - not fake like the others in here-
I wish I could sleep in minibus, but then at A903N6 shop there're several guys
They try to flirt with me, but I'm too sleepy to understand what's their joke....Not funny anyway....HAHAHAHAHAAA..
My bro calls me.. he can't slept over @ C'home tonight then he'll went to C'home @ SatNite after finished his overtime job -- JTown really had a big problems with WASTE Management -- Every Rain Season the rubbish from the streets flows into river/water plump



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