Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Old melodies from Paul Mc Cartney
sung by female singer I don't remember her name
I love the rythm of the song ....

come rain come shine
stop wasting time
come rain come shine
u'll be mine

This song so OPTIMISTiC

OLdiEst - oldiest :

A Tribute album of Marvin Gaye - Marvin Gaye is 60
(release 1999)

Songs for music background of my first love story

#1 Your Precious Love
I had so many lovestory but most of them just for fun not serious one. I'm so easy falls in love
I believe with love in a first sight (My heart who seen it not my eyes cause my eyes easy catch
beautiful boys I used to fall in love)
In a moment I'm getting obsessed with a guy then after I know him better.. that feeling has gone
BUT my truly first love n my forever love memories I'll remember is NEffy. He's still d One
I love, I made him as "ISO standard" for a guy who I want to be with forever in my life.
I'm never sorry for loving him, He's so piety, smart, rather snob/shy I don't know... but he's
not Bitchy like Man in JTown -full of lies n fake way of life-
Maybe I'd lost my mind... yeah.. I must learn from books n movies about the possibilities that
the one 4 me is not him and he's out there near to me, so I recommend u
books related this song: Cintapuccino, Jane Eyre, Mr. Maybe, Indiana Chronicles, Straight Talking,
Bittersweet Rain
movies: Sabrina, Only You, French Kiss

#2 Distant Lover
I had so many friends - boys - But I just make friend with them (look point 1.. its hard to find
a gentleman in this lalala town). Some of them had mistake opinion about my kind n nice attitude
and off course I had a mysterious smile which I don't know what the mean of my smile that time..
which made some of them mis-interpret my characters...yeah i got some fans...yuhuuuu...please get down the show is over.... heheheeheee...
I got bestfriend in no real world, he's so far away... different island n time table...
we communicated by email or phone (sms / call).. he usually calls me..hihiihii egoist..
I prefer communicate by writing than speaking..... I don't like talking with stranger even I know him from email... he's still a stranger before I met him in real.
Then I also flirting with a friend of my bestfriend who always cheating on me... I don't mind....
Kahlil Gibran says When love calls u face it even its hides arrow behind its wings which can hurts u
so ... answer love calls u dear....
I'm not ready getting hurt... huhhh



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