Wednesday, March 08, 2006

d Cities I miss Most

The City - The Traffic Jam

i miss YK-town for its culture n beautiful scene also m family in it.
i miss BdG-town, miss everything about it especially foods n FO (wait.. missy shopaholic).
i miss M-town 'cause someone in it (i don't know where he's @ right now). i miss my life on it (even boring).
i always miss JaK-city, like NYC without the bad habit of the commuter...yess the city never sleep.
I like it to have as much time to spent during my loneliness. I enjoy the traffic jam, bad transportation which I hope -always- not being a victim of a very Bad BAD bad mass trans.
--I do have once, while otw to campuss, i went by KrL... it was full. I was being pushed from behind then I fell. I hate this things so I absent from my class n crying alone inside cab while back home.--
If this city like S'pore or KL ....
C'mon build Good Government from Top - Basic
Keep Clean !!

Traffic ??
When you hear Traffic, what's on your mind for the first time....
In Big City like JaKtown -- it mean traffic jam n traffic itself ( drugs, child abuse n s**workers under age from village n other country such as Russia, Thai, China n Phill. ) Oh My God, you can find them (local wh**e) along Jt train station, they looks so young innocent .
What I'm trying to say that WE LIVE A FAKE WORLD OF LIVING..... we try to catch the Sun (cause moon soon to be catched)
Where's Our Mind ?? Don't we remember Our Final Destination -- Back to The Creator.
living in a stage, keep your faith to shield the shinny shooting lamp... not to be blind...

Today, all the cities I miss were famous for its traffic jam esp. during weekend / holiday.
BdG - rather Hot than a few years ago. Along the D'road there are plenty of big old trees being cut for infrastuctures such as fly over / highways / widen the roads.
Yk - seems totally breakout .... too much motorcycles ....
M - cars from other towns make the narrow roads so overLoaded
---yeah prepared for being Old on Da Street ---

d Cities I miss Most


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