Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cat Story

I love cats - pets such as Dogs, birds and guinea pig ..... but as moslem dogs are forbidden for us except we had a 100 acres of land.
My black cat was Tammy, she's gone now. She's not good handling her kittens, which made my sisters getting mad.
My yellow-white cat was Brandals... he's still naughty, he's so cute while sleeping. He likes to follow my mum while gardening.
The last one was my sketch about my old legendary cat, he was Guk-guk... what a rare name... yeahh... its kinda i'm looking for dog but surely m parents won't agree to give me one. So I decide to call him Guk-guk --- like d sound of barking dogs. He's so... naughty & clever. He liked sail catfish on my lil pool @ d backyard. M parents still curious by the way he did.

Mummmm..... please take care my cat... hhhiiiihiiiihiiii...

Cat Story


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