Sunday, February 05, 2006

No Trespassing !!!

Last week, me n pheea went to old village by old mass transport. The trip was so long. We planned to go to our friend's house. He'd removed to new village near our office. Before that, we had been there by motorcycle. Then, he explained us the line we had to pick to go to his house.
The explanation seem so simple than the reality!!!
At the D day...... we lost in nowhere not known country .........
too much old ancient Chinese cemetery.... HiiIIIIIIIIII............. both of us so scare.......
Hope no ghost in rainy day.......Please help......
Frankly, we lost direction. We should start the trip from our office. that's more easy n faster also cheapest!!
But, in deep... I enjoy the trip. Fun !!! Being lost like some stranger from twenty something centuries into eighteen something centuries.... because the country so ... old !!
an old man direct us to new village around, while we arrive there is no G18 there's only limited by block G6. Oh My God No Trespassing alarm !!!
Then, after a few direction from people we met along the way. We found our track!
Because our stomach already empty n feel hungry, for emergency we buy Conello - Walls - Ice cream from minimarket beside the road.
I choose TiraMissYou flavor, pheea pick Cappucino flavor.
Some people look at us, maybe on their thought they think that we're crazy. Eat Icecream during heavy rainy day??? Who cares !!!! it's S O S condition.
Thanks God, the bus was coming. For about 15 minutes later we arrived. He suprised. We miss the party. But, it's okay!! A friend of mine told me that we should thanks to God, because if we arrive early, we won't get into the house, its full!!! His house area 18m square, so tiny huhhh..
--- see there's always good reason beneath bad situation you think you have !!!---
After that chit chat, @ 2.15pm we left his house. ( 11am - 1pm for trip , 1 - 2.15pm for talkin' )
We found difficulty to get back home. So we took the same trip to back home. Ohhh make me so exhausted!!
Then 4 O'clock I arrived home. Peace n warm. The rain's over. I watch TV "fighting girl" Japanese dorama. Funny. Playing with my cat. Brooklyn already healthy now.
I'll take picture of him tonight. Don't miss the picture OK!! ;p
I'm bored... so I read my chicklits... Bergdorf Blondes n Undomestic Goddess... Those books are so much fun! Makes me laugh and realize about myself esp. that Samantha Sweetings. I like Sophie Kinsella. She good on writing story.
@ 9.30pm There's stormy rain around my house. I'm scared. But it happens only 15minutes. I'm sleeping. @4.30am it stormy again. But i'm still sleeping. Around 5.45am I wake up n take a bath. Then go to work @ 6.20am.
Here I am writing this journals to protect me from being unproductive worker. HAhahahahahaa

No Trespassing !!!


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