Wednesday, February 01, 2006

CrazyBeautifulDay I Wish......

Monday Morning was not my day ... Morning sickness I had didn't help me waking up fast
My sleepy head still dreaming........ I didn't even remember it..huh
Then I went to take a bath.... gotta go...split to d workplace
work till 5 afternoon
After that I make appointment with my buddy, he promise me to pay his debt. My mood still bad. Just like a pill, when he appears and take back my bucks.......hmmmm... I feel good !!!..
on the way back home, he offers me to went with him to bookstore I used to waste my time. I just say ..OK.. but my face says NO.. cause I'm still dizzy with this monday thing. He drop me @ D Bookstore, before that we eat meatballs near it. My eyes catchs pretty boy around there, I told him but he didn't hear what I said....Hhhhh... That boy went with his friend or girlfriend... Forget it...
====(*-^)==== @ tHe BooKsTorE
I always like wasting my time @ a place like this. See new books, comics, mangas, imported books and magazines... That day, I'm looking for books about cat. I got a cat, it sicks --diarhea, stomach's problems I guess-- The book suggests me worm medicine, nifural syrup n diet 12hr. Hiks... the kitten so miserable, orphan kitten left @ my trash box in front of my house. My brother named it Brooklyn. Someday I take its picture.
Around 7.30pm I went home, my brother borrowed Samurai X series from his friend. 30 episodes, God !!!, do I have time to watch it till this weekend???...
I fell asleep while I back home........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...........

CrazyBeautifulDay I Wish......


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